Your company’s values go beyond the bottom line. An enlightened company culture invests in its most valuable asset -- people.


We believe education with entertainment enriches the human experience, food has the awesome potential to nourish personal growth and personal development, and meaningful shared experiences are powerful connectors that spark creative ideas and novel relationships with new growth partnerships.



Our mission is to bridge cultures and drive business success by creating cross cultural opportunities for market growth.  Our expertise is creating transformative cross-cultural experiences that integrate culinary and lifestyle interests with personal and professional growth.


For companies seeking to elevate their existing team building and corporate incentive travel programs, we create unique 3 to 5 day culturally immersive entertaining, yet educational, programs that touch upon the employee experience in and out of the workplace.


We empower conscious leaders with tools to build a compelling corporate culture and create an environment of well-being ultimately resulting in productivity, creativity and alignment.



At GiftedTaste we recognize the growing need for businesses to engage and celebrate their best people. We co-create fully customizable incentive travel programs designed to inspire employee growth, commitment and loyalty.


Your employees will return happy and engaged, with a greater understanding of and alignment with your core mission. We also empower your workers with key intelligence and insight relevant to your industry. All this translates to a more positive work environment, a stronger work culture and ultimately a boost in productivity that affects the bottom line.


What sets GiftedTaste apart is our intentional approach to culinary entertainment and our engagement-driven programming. We artfully craft and curate our experiences to reflect the experiences and values of our guests.


Our mission is to architect a feeling of alignment with the intentions with which an event was created. We transform the traditional transactional event space into a warm, purposeful environment that anticipates moments of connection.


Entertainment is combined with market and cultural intelligence, resulting in higher employee engagement. Each program is personalized with complementary lifestyle interests and activities ideal for a variety of entertainment programming needs within an organization.


With a robust selection of entertainment categories to choose from - art & architecture, real estate & construction, beauty & fashion, health & nutrition, sports & fitness, entertainment, e-sports and technology - your employees will walk away feeling enriched, rejuvenated and reinvigorated.


the success of

your employees


education and 

study tours


relationships with clients, investors and partners


executives and

board members

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