Our Community

We are a collective of change-agents dedicated to elevating the power of women, their voices, and their choices.

Our Story

After my physical and mental breakdown in 2013, I became more deeply awakened to the connection between how I was experiencing life and the state of my physical health and emotional well-being.


As I began having meaningful conversations about my experience with other like-minded women, two messages came forth: First, we were all seeking transformational change in our personal and professional lives. And second, beyond greater awareness about the changes that needed to happen, we wanted a practical approach that would help boost our well-being and support our desire to self-heal. 


This became my inspiration for creating GiftedTaste- to empower women with a multi-dimensional approach to their overall sense of well-being and create a community of intelligent and educated individuals dedicated to supporting women on their journey towards personal and professional success. At GiftedTaste, celebrating women step into their authentic power is our mission and our promise.