GiftedTaste's process of co-creation brings together the diversity and brilliance of sacred partnerships to deliver highly personalized life-centered retreats.


Our approach to holistic wellness is rooted in empowering individuals with a discipline of self-mastery to unlock their unmanifested potential for self-healing and evolution.

We uplift women-led ventures and women-driven organizations with wellness retreats, a mentorship program, and brand evolution consultancy in the communities we live, work, play, and create.


Our Promise

GiftedTaste co-creates intimate retreats in Los Angeles for women on a journey to holistic wellness.


Designed with conscious intentionality, our retreats empower women with a blueprint for embodying the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of their well-being.  Through the artful integration of evidence-based wellness strategies, creative expression, culinary exploration, and the practice of applied spirituality, we hope to  awaken each woman's unmanifested potential towards self-healing.

Drawing from the energy of each woman's wisdom and the intelligence of change-agents dedicated to illuminating their brilliance, GiftedTaste retreats supports all women towards their personal and professional success in the communities we live, work, play, and create.