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Roberta Kung M.D.

Roberta founded GiftedTaste to support women ready to take charge of their life by taking control of their health.


Guided by a series of meaningful events in her personal and professional life, Roberta turned her dream into reality when she began prioritizing her health and well-being.  Awakening to the healing power of a consciousness-based lifestyle, Roberta has made her life work to share her journey of transformational change to help other conscious female leaders find health and happiness wherever they are in life. 

Roberta is a student of life and a passionate advocate for women-led ventures and women-driven organizations. Drawing upon cutting-edge research on consciousness, her knowledge of integrative medicine based on the science of quantum physics, and her 35 years of clinical expertise managing acute and chronic pain, Roberta shares a paradigm-shifting perspective of health and healing with a depth of insight, creativity, and ingenuity. 


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